Top 3 Travel Tips We Take For Granted

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It is no secret that we all love a good trip overseas or a vacation and sometimes we get too excited for all the places we are going to see and all the activities we will partake and forget a few crucial things in the process. Whether it’s a family trip to the Middle East, a honeymoon in Europe or an adventurous safari in Africa, below are some of the tips we tend to overlook when traveling:

Travel Immunization

Normally before traveling, an individual is supposed to discuss travel plans with their healthcare provider at least 6 to 8 weeks before the travel. Travel vaccinations are categorized into three: routine required and recommended. Whichever the case, you should not take for granted these vaccinations to avoid facing health issues in the new location. For example, it has been classified as a requirement when traveling to tropical South America and the sub-Saharan Africa to be vaccinated for yellow fever, a deadly viral infection that can cause death. Take the vaccination approximately 2 months before travel and not less than that so that to allow your body to create proper immunity. Conditions which may be rare in your country or state due to immunity in the general population may be more common in other countries.

Planning Ahead

Choosing a country and location for vacation is the easy part. The hardest part of it all is when you fail to plan ahead and your vacation becomes a nightmare in the end. Before even booking the resorts or hotels to stay in, countercheck every item you might need and ensure that the hotel has it. On the other hand, if you want a quiet vacation in the woods or other remote locations, ensure that you have the knowledge about the nearest amenities such as food markets, hospitals or recreational areas to keep your vacation as comfortable as possible. Research is a key ingredient to have a headache free travel.

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Culture and Etiquette

Understanding subtle rituals and traditions that underpin your everyday life is something to take on seriously when you travel to other areas of the world and sometimes, you have to make some necessary adjustments to fit in. Whatever that may deem okay in your country may portray as the exact opposite in another country. For example, is you travel to places like the Middle East, some cities require you to dress modestly such as women fully covering their bodies. In other countries like Kenya, it is considered rude to take pictures of people without their consent and offering gifts or accepting them using your left hand. Public displays of affections are also frowned upon in most European, Asian and African counties as they believe that it is a private activity.

The next time you want to take a vacation alone, with your loved one or family, do not just pack your bags and leave. Take time to research and understand your location of travel immensely as this will not only be hassle free but will also be life-altering experiences with nothing to worry about.

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